I have been exclusively using your product for years now in my dog training business. It is the only treat that I recommend to clients. I love that they have one ingredient and it is made in USA! I specifically recommend the Chicken Breast and Beef Liver treats. As a dog trainer that specializes in fear and anxiety, it is very difficult to find a treat that a dog will want when it is scared or insecure. I have found that almost all the dogs that I have trained or had session with will take a Purebites treat. To have a reliable product is priceless!!!

I have to start off by telling you that my dogs and pups love your Duck dog treats. They are so helpful when it comes to training. A big big life saver. I currently have 24 fun loving lab pups. Again thank you for making a wonderful product.

Hello, my cats love your little treats. Besides, it's the only brands they like. I even try to do myself the treats, and they are not interested. My dogs also love your products.

Your product is wonderful! I have searched literally years to find a product that occupies my little min-pin and isn't able to be wolfed down in seconds, but primarily that I'm confident is a healthy choice. I have gone back to Petco and purchased bags for a sister who volunteers at and fosters dogs from a no-kill shelter in Southern California, too. I applaud your company for producing this very high quality product.

I am so happy to have found these treats. One of my cats is a diabetic who loved his treats. Now I have something to give him that is safe for him to have. Thank you for making this product diabetic friendly. I hope more people discover this product.

Our little Yorkie loves Freeze Dried Trail Mix. His favorite are the Green Beans. We have just tried this with him. He always has been pretty funky when it comes to treats, but he sure loves the green beans. :-) Thanks in advance.

Hello there! Our family is a huge fan of your products - other then antlers, some local small batch treat producers, Purebites is the only consumer brand we’ll purchase for our dogs. They’re on full raw diets and we take what they eat very seriously. A new favourite is the large Pork Cartilge chunks, they can’t get enough of them! We purchase one of your products at least once a week for our guys. Thanks Purebites! Sincerely, Freya the Bullmastiff Jack the Golden Retreiver &Phox the Persian Kitten ✌🏻

I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product!! My shih tzu is so extremely picky about treats, we've bought other brands and shes eaten a few then disregards them. She loves the beef liver! And I love there's only one ingredient do I know they're good for her. Thank you for making my furbaby so happy!!

Thank you for your PureBites Chicken and Chicken and Shrimp Mixers! I was concerned because my cat, Bebop, only eats dry food. Our veterinarian has recommended canned or wet food for all cats because they tend to not drink enough water and become dehydrated. We've tried at least six different brands and all different flavors, but he only eats kibble. Until we found PureBites Mixers...We were given a sample by our local independent pet store, Lemos, and Bebop loved them. Now he gets his bowl of chicken soup every night in addition to his dry food. I'm sure it helps his overall hydration. Thank you, thank you.

We took our 17 year old cat Missy to a fundraiser for the Farley Foundation. Missy got her nails cut and we made a donation. We also received a treat bag for her. In this treat bag was a small sample size of PureBites, freeze dried chicken breast pieces. I had to write to inquire where I can purchase these treats because Missy really likes them. With her aging like she is, her appetite just isn't the same anymore. When I give her a few of these she gobbles them down & then asks for more.

I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company and so is my cat! I've been a long time buyer of your products and can't imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little sunshine. You're doing great work, it's appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.

I would just like to say, thank you for making a treat that A) my 2 very picky rescued puppies LOVE and B) for making a treat that is healthy and doesn't have all those random ingredients in them. I bought the freeze dried beef liver treats. And I cannot wait to go back and let them try the other flavors.

I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company. I've been a long time buyer of your products and can't imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little sunshine. You're doing great work, it's appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.

I just wanted to say thank you for making healthy single ingredients treats!! As the owner of a diabetic dog it’s so hard to find treats that are okay for him. We’ve used your beef liver and chicken breast as treats before and after insulin shots and glucose testing. Yesterday I found the chicken jerky at Petco...he LOVES it!!! I’m going to share with the members of my diabetic dog group..they already promote your dried chicken breast treats. So again, thank you! These guys deserve treats and you guys are the answer!

Thank you for making such amazing products for my babies! My friend told me about PureBites® and I had to try! My husky loves the freeze dried beef liver treats!

Just tried the chicken & sweet potato jersey on my very fussy shepherd. She loved it. I love the two ingredients . It was recommended in my local Pet Supermarket when I asked for healthy , local processed treats. Wish you made cat treats. Thank you for this product.

This is a FAVORITE in our household. Timber absolutely LOVES the shrimp. And we love the fact that it's freeze dried and one ingredient! We used to give him other treats but switched over to this about a year ago and we never looked back! Thank you for such a great product!! 😽 (Serious fan, in case you couldn't tell hahah 😄)

Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great treat!!!! These are the only kind of treats one on my cats will eat as he is a total food snob but always seems so disappointed when I give the other cats treats. I finally found these and he will actually eat them (only the chicken or turkey, refused the salmon and I'm afraid to try any other ones!!). My other two cats love these as well. Thanks again!!

Just want to thank-you for making awesome cat and dog treats, as my cat loves them. Anything that I have given him of the Pure Bites (minus the dog cheese treat stuff) he has eaten it greedly. Shake the bag he comes running or he tells us directly that he wants his treats. So need less to say that he doesn't like or eat any other treat brand, excluding canned tuna. I tend to get the dog treats as the bags last longer and the fact that there are ones that are in dogs only like lamb and bison that my cat is a big fan of. Rabbit? I have been purchasing your treats for a year and a half, and there is no turning back. As I have said before he will snub them. Side note. Like how the treats are what they say they are. Thank-you.

I just wanted to thank you for your products! My dog Harley and my newly adopted kitten love your treats, and I love buying them treats and bones they enjoy! Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time producing products my family and I can use. Your company is awesome. Thank You for caring

I wanted to say thanks for having a product with only one ingredient and nothing else! My dog has so many issues with skin and can never have treats but so far so good with your chicken jerky. Thanks again!

PureBites has been chosen as a Fave Find on Modern Cat! You can check out your feature on our homepage as well as here: http://moderncat.com/favefind/purebites-mixers

I am just writing to you today to hope you are having a great day! I know you all work hard to give everyone the products they absolutely love, seriously thank you for everything you do! I know you probably have a lot of complaints to go through so I figured I would send a happy email and let you know that you are so very important in this world more than you know. Smiling is always better than a frown anyways :) So, have a nice day and never give up! From a loving fan

I wanted to write to tell you how much I love your products for my dog. Thanks so much for being such a great brand.

I just wanted to tell you how much my cat loves your purebites turkey and chicken treats. She would seriously sell her soul to get them. You've made one pampered feline very happy. Thank you!

My Russian blue "pepper " just absolutely loves your products, the pure wild tuna in water seems to be a favourite. Your products are simple ingredients plus healthy product that my cat cannot do without I know at our pet store it is labeled as a treat but we give him one every morning as a supplement to his dry food. We have recently added a havenese puppy to our family and he too enjoys your products very much.

Coming from a pet-mom of three dogs, finding treats that are healthy, safe and affordable is difficult! I own two German Shepherd mixes and a 50-pound Hound puppy. Treat time is no joke to them, those treats better taste REALLY good if they're going to sit, lay down, give paw, or play dead. Otherwise, forget about it. We recently bought a bag of PureBites Lamb Liver treats and my pups are in LOVE! I think they've memorized the bag, because as soon as they hear the crinkle, they come running! After bathroom breaks, the pack sits in line patiently waiting to catch a few Liver treats mid-air! My dogs LOVE your treats and I cannot wait to try more with them. What do you recommend we try next?! We want to mix it up! :) Thank you for making safe and delicious treats my pets love!

My cats don't like treats. They scoff at them and look at me like they've been dared to eat something dangerous. Unless it's the chicken Purebites treats. This is great! I've found a treat they like! Except...now they're addicted and I don't know what to do. I need to figure out how to stage an intervention. I can hide the bag in the cupboard above the fridge. Doesn't matter. I get up and it's been mauled to death with no treats left and shreds of plastic on the floor. I can hide them in the laundry room. Doesn't matter. Same ordeal. I can hide them in my nightstand but they're too smart and open up the drawer. They even dig the tear-off package out of the trash and gnaw on that. This...has gone to far. While I am so grateful they love it...I am also in fear for my life because coming in between them and their Purebites is a dangerous thing. Please send help asap. Or a lifetime supply. I don't know how I'm going to make it out alive.

Hello I recently purchased the chicken treats for my dog and she LOVES them. Theirs 1 ingredient that's it pure chicken. I also got a pack of milk bones the same day and she always chooses yours if she has a choice. I appreciate so much how your company has such high standards for pet treats it's very comforting to know what she's eating instead of trying to make out 20 or so different ingredients on the "other" treat box. Signed a very happy satisfied dog owner.

I just wanted to let your company know that I enjoy purchasing your products that I can actually use. Your company is doing a awesome job and I just wanted to let you guys know.

I am writing to let you know that my cat is a huge fan of your food and treats. His name is Pauly and he is four years old. We adopted him and have had him since he was a kitten. We recently gave him your freeze dried ocean shrimp treats and he just tried your new food chicken breast and ocean shrimp. It was another hit for him with this very picky tastes. I want to thank you for that and to thank you for awesome products that make my special kitty so happy! As a pet owner it makes it easier to know what things he loves and your products are his favorite!

I just wanted to write to you and let you know my cat is going absolutely bananas for the Salmon treats. This is my first time trying your products. My cat was getting so sick to her stomach so I upgraded her wet food to Blue Wilderness and then searched for all natural, grain free treats. She is constantly on the hunt for more and more salmon bites! Thank you PUREBITES!

Thank you for creating a quality product! My babies love this!

Thank you for your great products. My Cat Jade loves your freeze dried Chicken. When the %100 Mixers were stocked at ShurGain I bought a couple for a treat. She LOVES them! She's 19 and very special to us. We bought her the new Turkey yesterday, she purred and purred. What ever makes her happy. The Dogs, well they will eat anything, they share the chicken with the Cat.

Hello purebites ! I found your brand for the first time and my cat and dog loves them !! They r so healthy and safe i trust you 100% ! 💕

I just wanted to share with you how my cat feels about Purebites Chicken. He goes into the cabinet and takes out the bag and tries to get to the heavenly pieces. This evening he was successful. Definitely not a cat proof bag. I think Silky will be receiving more for Hanukkah. I hope this email makes you smile. I wish you could have heard the purring that accompanied the determination to get into that package. Have a wonderful day!

I want to say thank you for such an amazing product! My cat is overweight and so she got put on weight-loss food and less portions. And with that I decided to cut out the unhealthy treats as well. Then I found PureBites at my local PetSmart. So I decided to give them a try and she loves them! She hears the bag and she comes running. I was looking up the company to email and found out there are so many more options my store doesn't offer. They only offer chicken and salmon. I'm dead set on trying them all. Again thank you so much for your wonderful cat treats. They are so healthy and based off my cats reaction delicious to. In my opinion there are not enough companies truly interested in how healthy the products they put out are especially for cats.

I just wanted to write you and let you know how much my cat and dogs love your pure bites! Whether it is liver, chicken or shrimp they love them all! I feel great knowing that what I am giving them is pure and healthy! Keep up the amazing work.

I have purchased these fabulous treats for my cat in Calgary, where I live. My cat absolutely LOVES them!! One Happy Cat Owner

My 14 year old miniature schnauzer loves Pure Bites liver treats.

I wanted to let your company know the one of the worlds most picky kittens put there says your treats are awesome. In fact when he sees the bag of treats he starts to meow like crazy as if its the end of the world. I recently even got the wet treats you offer for cats and once again he loves them. I mean he normally hates wet food but for some reason hr loves it so much that he'll lick his bowel clean to wear it will not look like anything was in it. So from Sgt. pepper and family these treats will be a keeper in the house. Except for when pepper rips open the bag right when it gets home. There are no other treats quite similar that Pepper loves!! So you have a loyal customer and loyal cat who loves your treats.

Hi PureBites! So I never do this, but I really wanted to drop a quick line and let you know how impressed we (me and my little buddy Dash) are with your PureBites dog treats! I found your product after watching a super scary video on Facebook this week that talked about all the cancer-causing agents in so many dog treats, AND my buddy has an aversion to poultry, so I was so thrilled to find something with only an Ingredient list! We shop at a pretty small pet shop here in Hamilton, ON, who I will also be sharing my positive review with in hopes that we can continue to buy them there! You’ve made a customer for life in this family :) Thanks so much looking out for our little buddies with such a quality product!

When our little boy Puffy sees a bag of Pure Bites Chicken treats he sits up and smiles! Just wanted to share with you.

Hi. I wanted to drop a note and tell you my three cats go crazy for the freeze dried chicken. It makes for great pictures.

I just thought y'all should know that I have an 80-pound German Shepherd with serious allergies to most foods and treats that loves your beef liver Purebites! When he was a puppy and first diagnosed with IBD, he stopped eating everything and we found your product and he would eat it. I know they are just treats but when you have a puppy who is starving himself, you'll feed him anything he will eat. This helped us get through the rough times to now where I still use your treats as a working reward. He knows that when I grab my treat bag, it's time to work and he will do anything I ask just to get one of your beef liver treats. Today, I'm happy to say that he's a very healthy working dog, in part, due to your treats. FYI...we go through at least 5 16oz bags of your treats every month

Just writing to say thanks for making an awesome product! Love that the ingredients list is only one item and more importantly my cat loves them. Glad to see you're making new flavours in the "cat size" treats too :)

I wanted to thank you for making wonderful, tasty, healthy, not full of garbage dog treats!!!! My little nugget, Chachi, is the pickiest of picky, and will ONLY eat the PureBites turkey & chicken treats. I have tried many brands, flavors, consistency, and wasted tons of money on other doggy treats, but yours are definitely the favorite! For real. Thank you for making delicious dog treats for my Chachi! We will always buy your chicken & turkey treats.....for the prince will have it no other way. LOL! Thanks!

I just wanted to say how great I think your product it. These are the only treats my cats don't get board of eating. One of my cats in the middle of the night managed to get his paws on a brand new bag of shrimp and him and his brothers had themselves a feast in the middle of the night. Your treats are the only treats I have to make sure they are well hidden away. Just wanted you to know how much my fur buddies enjoy them. Thanks

I'm really writing for Deter, my 16 year old cerebellar hypoplasia cat who just loves the chicken and turkey Pure Bites. He's never really been into playing and now a senior with but one eye.. (he has a mast cell tumor under the left eyelid.) he's learned a new game. I place a piece in an empty toilet paper roll and he succeeds each time to 'get his treat'. Nothing stops him from getting those treats, then turns to me crying for more, more , more. Thanks for making such a great product.

I would like to say that I am very pleased with your beef liver dog treats. Our dog has a poultry allergy and it was difficult to find treats for him that he was not allergic to. These single ingredient snacks are perfect and some of the pieces are big enough to fit inside one of his Kong toys so that he is kept busy with it for a little while.

I very, very seldom feel strongly enough about a product to write the company about it, but this is one of those times I want to take the time to do so. My little rescued almost-15-year-old miniature schnauzer, Schroeder, has had a ROUGH couple of years - almost from the time I got him two years ago this past May. He has had pancreatitis 5 times, 4 of those times within less than 5 months. I almost lost him three of those times, but a great vet, a lot of money, love and prayers later, he pulled through. The poor little guy is deaf and almost totally blind, and his heart murmur is at the "#6 of 6 stages" (so...the worst it can be and still be working), but he perseveres. The many pancreatitis attacks have created a difficult situation with food options. I was feeing him a prescription low fat canned food, but then I decided to try Blue Buffalo (the low calorie type that is made specially for senior dogs), and he went from bony-skinny to a little more filled out, and also he wasn't acting hungry all the time. His coat was in better condition as well. Yet he still seemed to be "ho-hum" about mealtimes. I went looking for something to add to the food that wouldn't cause digestive issues or be too high in calories. And so I found PureBites freeze dried chicken. I gave him a little bit when I got home from the store with it, and he refused to eat it. He sniffed it, but no, he wasn't going to eat that dry crunchy stuff, no thank you! SO! I put a 5 or 6 chunks in his food bowl with just a bit of water to rehydrate it, and he ate it right down. I started putting a few chunks - rubbed between my fingers to pretty much reduce it to shreds and powder - in with his Blue Buffalo, and I added water to the mix to rehydrate the chicken. Now my little guy is happy to see his full food dish, and the best part is he has filled out really nicely, yet not overweight, and his coat is BEAUTIFUL, something I haven't ever seen with him in the time I have had him! He looks so much younger than 15 - if you don't look at the cataracts in his eyes or the tremors in his legs. My goal when I adopted him (he was 12) was just to let however many days he has left on this earth be good ones, as good as I could possibly provide for him. Now that he seems to enjoy his food, really enjoy it, with no adverse reactions, I feel I finally am really giving him that. I am SO GLAD I found PureBites freeze dried chicken for Schroeder. It is wonderful! Thank you for making a product that has just the one ingredient, no preservatives or anything else. Schroeder thanks you, too.

We have a 6 year old dog (a Schitzu - Springer Spaniel mix named Princess!) and we thought we would let you know that our little princess is absolutely hooked on your product! While she does like the cheddar, turkey, and duck, her absolute favorite is the chicken breast! She is so addicted to the chicken product that she barks, whines and also makes groaning noises to let us know that it is her treat time which is at least 2 times a day! We can not even say the word "chicken" any more or she starts to run around looking for them! She also loves the duck product and believe it or not we can make "quacking" noises and then she starts her begging routine again!! Princess loves your product and we are grateful that it is such a natural treat for our baby!! Thank you!

As a trainer I am constantly using your treats for training! I have yet to meet a dog that won't do anything for PureBites. Not only do we use them ourselves but we are constantly recommending you to our trained clients as well.

My cat Luna just LOVES your product! He actually stands on his back legs and begs for them when I hold them up! A wonderful "yum-yum" for my cat. Thank you,

All the dogs in my Rocky’s training class go nuts for your Freeze Dried Beef Liver! My trainer fosters for the Golden Retriever rescue. I made the mistake of walking into her house with Pure Bites in my pocket. I was almost bowled over by large furry Goldens! In addition, I have found a use for those leftover tiny bits and powder remaining at the bottom of the bag once the goodies are gone. I sprinkle it over my dog’s food as an extra incentive to “chow down”. Thank you so much for a great product. P.S. Since I always carry treats on our walks, I have developed the habit of emptying my pockets into a cup at the end of the day. My cat discovered this cup and now he’s hooked, too!

If there ever were A Cat that LOVED Shrimpies and is completely and utterly addicted to them... Mr. Magoo https://www.facebook.com/MrMagooWhoTheBlindKittyWhoStoleMyHeart is THAT CAT!!! He loves them sooooo much his beloved Goobers (Page Followers) send him them as gifts. He's Obsessed and will literally do anything to get them. Thank you for an Amazing product and for contributing to his Addiction! Goo loves them so much he even has a Shrimpie Bow Tie, and a Stuffed Shrimpie Toy....! He is The Shrimpie King!!! Thanks Again

Hi there. I just wanted to say how great I think your product is. I have two dogs and 4 cats that just love these. One of my dogs can't have chicken which is shockingly hard to avoid sometimes, because of your treats he gets the best out there and I feel great as a pet parent for feeding him these treats. Thank you so much.

Thank you for making the Pure Bites freeze dried shrimp. We have a cat who has developed an allergy to chicken, and it is darn tough to find a snack that doesn't contain chicken (that she'll eat). This way her brothers and sisters get their snack and she gets her shrimp. Everyone's happy!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know we are very happy with your product. I have been purchasing the liver bites for over 12 years and my dogs love it so much. Thank you.

My new cat (a rehomed Russian Blue named Czarina Ekaterina Maximova--yes, really!) is a finicky eater. In her previous home she was fed only dry food. We have tried to tempt her with excellent bits of chicken or fresh salmon, but she turns up her nose. HOWEVER, in a search for healthy, no additives treats for her, I discovered PureBites. I bought all your flavours. She despises the whitefish, liver and even shrimp. (Who knew?!) She tolerates the chicken, but OMG, the salmon? She would walk on her hind legs through the fires of hell to get to your salmon bites. When I get home from work, she greets me at the door, runs ahead of me to the kitchen, and jumps up on the counter in front of the treats container. When I got her, she loved the additive-loaded Purina treats (I suspect some catnip!) but I didn't feel good serving her those. I am so happy to have found something nourishing yet attractive to her.

We have completed our review on PureBites. You can find it at the link below. I hope you enjoy it! Thank-you! http://mamamoosecontests.com/2014/12/27/purebite-treats-something-we-all-can-feel-good-about/ -Ashley

Check out this review of our PureBites Freeze Dried Treats. tenaciouslittleterrier.blogspot.com

My darling cat has had a rough life. After a myriad of health problems, he ended up without a gallbladder and a very sensitive digestive system. His days of fancy cat food are over. Low fat dry kibble is all he can tolerate. I found your freeze dried chicken bits and voila! My dear Edgar now has a treat. When the other animals are getting a can of food, he can now have a freeze dried tasty cat treat without getting sick and painful (and expensive) pancreatitis. Your treats are a blessing to my wonderful kitty. Edgar says thank you. I will thank you by telling everyone I know about your fantastic product.

Your Chicken Breast Cat Treats have become my cat's (Kit-For-Brains) favorite treats - far surpassing the other brand I used to buy. She loves the flavor, I love the price. That you for such a great product!

I swear by your treats for my dogs 2 of which are working k9s. Just wanted to say my dogs are addicted to your treats!

The turkey Pure Bites is officially known as kitty Krak in our home. My cats, Lovey and Nissi just love these. I love them because they are pure turkey meat. Nothing added. Thank you for these healthy all protein treats.

I bought your product for my 15 year old cat a couple of days ago. She went completely crazy for them. I think you should have named them “Cat Crack”

These treats are amazing. My Beagle loves them! We usually buy the beef liver ones... I love that there is just one ingredient and that I can break them into small pieces for training. Honestly a wonderful treat for any dog or cat and I would recommend PureBites to anyone.

PureBites Chicken is the only treat my highly-allergic kitty can have, they've been a lifesaver since they're 100% chicken made in USA. We get the dog sized bag, saves $$. Of course, every night all four cats line up for their "good kitten chicken" treats!!

"Thank you for creating these wonderful treats! Our cat who can no longer have traditional treats due to health issues, loves these, plus they're good for him! Best find, we even recommended to our vet!"

I just want to send a short thank you note for you. Our only cat, Jodi, 8 year old male tabby was diagnosed with a brain tumor 5 weeks ago. It’s inoperable so we are just trying to enjoy the time we have with him and to spoil him as much as we can. Jodi loves your chicken breast snack so much. It is truly amusing seeing him running towards me when he hears me shaking that little plastic pouch. Days when he did not want to eat anything, he will still pretty excited when we gave him that snack. We are thankful that Jodi still has few things he enjoys and loves in his last days, snuggling with us on the sofa and his pure bites chicken.

My blog review for PureBites treats is completed and officially posted on my blog! I gave them a rave review, as all of my animals thoroughly enjoyed them and begged for more! They are my new found training treats. Here is a link to my blog post: http://www.dogmomdays.com/blog/review-purebites-all-natural-freeze-dried-treats Thank you again for this amazing opportunity. PureBites have made me one happy dog mom!

Here's Tyger from the recent Pet Food Express Pasadena Grand Opening going crazy for PureBites!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.phpv=786604358030604&set=vb.109408352416878&type=2&theater To view this video, please copy and paste into the browser


http://www.contagiumtv.com/preview-purebites/ Please check out our sales rep Rob Beenham talking about our great product!

PureBites was kind enough to send me both free cat AND dog treats to review on my page - and I must say, they were a hit! I received Freeze Dried Shrimp Cat Treats, Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Cat Treats, Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats, and Freeze Dried Bison Liver Treats. PureBites treats are AWESOME - they are a healthy snack for your pet, high in protein and low in calories! The cat treats only have 1 calorie each, and the dog treats have under 10 calories each. PLUS they all have just 1 ingredient (which even I can pronounce!). The shrimp is just that, shrimp, the bison liver is just bison liver, and so on! These treats are fantastic. Not only are they good for your pet, but if your pets are anything like mine, they will love them! I have 5 cats, and all of them LOVED the chicken breast treat. The treats are great because they are not as hard as actual dry cat food - they are more crunchy like potato chips, pork rinds etc. Only 1 of my cats did not care for the shrimp treats, but he has always been a picky eater. In the video, you can see that Artemis absolutely adored them! Shrimp is his favorite food - he loves it when I bring home Chinese, so these are definitely his favorite treat. Now the beef liver dog treats were also a huge hit here - ALL of my dogs gobbled them right up! These are medium sized treats (some about the size of a quarter or larger), but if you have a small dog they are also great because they break apart into smaller pieces easily. Only about half of my dogs would eat the bison liver treats - but the ones that did eat them absolutely loved them! So if you know your dog is partial to bison meat, then this treat may be a good buy for you. Even my cats loved the liver dog treats (bison and beef, but again, more so the beef). Perhaps my pets just aren't fancy enough to fully appreciate bison Overall, I give these pet treats 4.5 stars out of 5 (losing points only because the bison flavor may not be for everyone). I feel that these are definitely some of the best treats my pets have tried, and I totally recommend them! Please watch my video to see why my pets give these treats two paws up! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=531945843581709

My cat Bowser LOVES your chicken treats! He is so spoiled that he won't even eat another brand anymore. We can leave his treats out or he will sneak off with them and eat them all! Love from Newfoundland & thank you for making my cat happy!

Hi, My cats are Pure Bites Chicken addicts. I know that as a snack Pure Bites is the perfect compliment to a raw food diet. My cats were clicker trained using Pure Bites and still come running to the sound of the large bag being opened. If the cats are not eating their food I sometimes crush up some Pure Bites on top of the food and it is the trick to getting them to eat! I’m so pleased with your product. Keep up the good work.

Hi, I just discovered your freeze dried products for cats and they’re absolutely great! I’ve been looking for something without all the additives, were soft enough to chew, and the cats actually liked. All those other “soft” chewables are (in my and my pets’ opinions) hard as rocks and, because, one of my cats has lost most of her teeth over the years, it’s impossible for her to eat those other ones. My second cat has “saber-tooth tiger” teeth and even he won’t eat those hard “chewables.” Before I discovered PureBites, I was actually contemplating dehydrating my own snacks for the cats, but that’s a lot of work with a home dehydrator. Thank you so much for making a product that’s completely natural that I can feel good about giving my pets and they actually want to eat! I’ve used the shrimp and turkey so far. Also, thank you for including the calorie count—one of my kitties is a bit “fluffy,” so I have to watch his caloric intake. Just thought you would want to know I think this is the best pet treat out there and you can be assured I’ll be spreading the good news.

Kitti a 4 year old mix absolutely loves the beef liver treats for cats. In order to get her to take her medicine I offer her the beef liver treats and she takes her medicine no problem. Thank you for making such a great product.

Thank you so much for making the freeze dried chicken treats! These are my favorite treats ever! When my human mamma shakes the bag, my ears perk up, my eyes widen and my head pops up - I just start talking and meowing until I get a taste of these scrumptious treats. I'm a picky eater, and it makes my mamma so happy that I am able to eat up all of my Pure Bites treats! :) Love, "Gaston Augustus Sterling" 10 yrs old, longhair beautiful feline

Rosco is a young Pug x Beagle mix. Always full of energy, keeping me on my toes! We love to go on adventures, meet new people, and most importantly, learn new tricks. PureBites are the only treat I will give Rosco - they are the best for training as well! He LOVES them and because he has such a sensitive stomach, other brand dog treats always make him sick. PureBites are ONE ingredient. How awesome is that? Thank you PureBites!!

I just wanted to let you know how much my cat, Rufus, loves Pure Bites treats. He actually does tricks for them! I have been feeding him the shrimp treats for some time now; recently we tried the turkey breast and he likes that at least as much! I feed Rufus grain-free foods exclusively, and grain-free treats are hard to come by. I love that Pure Bites cat treats have only one ingredient and the careful sourcing that your company uses to procure its products. We're a Pure Bites family for life!

I want to thank you so very much for your support of my work with Guiding Eyes for the Blind and sending the bags of the Beef Liver Treats. Angelica went crazy over the box when it arrived!! I have greatly enjoyed using these treats during our training sessions, and Angelica thinks she is in treat heaven!

Ever since my cat got to try your treats it's about all he's willing to eat. He's 17 and was losing a lot of weight, barely eating so we were grateful to find something he loved. I don't know what it is with him but he's turned into some sort of freeze dried chicken junkie and I can't get him off of it. You have one enormous fan of your product in a little furry body in our household. Thanks for making a quality product!

Thank you thank you thank you for making a 'pure' treat for my recently diagnosed diabetic pug. We were looking for a soft, non-biscuit product and purchased the chicken and liver flavors. We have discontinued the 'bad treats' for all our 4 pugs to ward off illness. They are so cute when they line up in their 'sit', and 'speak' positions waiting for a treat. Especially when my husband deals out the liver squares, which he says has the consistency of pressed paper; he says, "Pugsley, you get the local section; Romeo, you get the sports section; Oskar, you get the business section; and Otis-Odell you get the comics". Thx again

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much my cats enjoy your treats. I live in Ireland and we can't buy them here, but I got back from visiting the US last week and I came home today to find that my cat Lily had shredded her way into the packet of PureBites Freeze Dried Chicken treats I had bought her while I was away. If that doesn't say something for how much she enjoys them, I don't know what does! My kitten Poppy loved them too, but she could hardly get near them without a fight on her hands. They will both be very upset to learn that they won't get them again for a long time! All 3 of us would love it if you were able to get them into some shops here in Ireland, in which case I will have to buy a lockable case to keep them in in future! I have attached a few pictures of Lily and Poppy, as well as the poor shredded package of treats, just to show you how much they were appreciated in my house. Thanks for making such great cat treats, it's so refreshing to be able to feed my kitties something that is good for them and that they enjoy so much. Even though Lily has eaten almost the whole pack, I'm not worried like I would be if it were other treats with strange additives.

My cattle-dog / hound mix and Siberian forest cat (kitten) are on good terms, but one of the funniest things is watching them come bounding from all corners of the house (especially the cat) when I say "cookies" and shake the Pure Bites Chicken bag. They both wait patiently for their fair "share" of the bites, close together. My dog will eat just about any cookie, but the cat is very finicky. He will not eat normal cat treats. I'm very happy with your product.

"I just want to say... Your chicken and shrimp treats have almost single-handedly helped bring my boyfriend and our F1 Bengal Linux closer together. Linux has always been extremely attached to his 'momma', but only recently have we been able to get him more comfortable with 'dad' by using your treats as positive reinforcement. F1s are known for being 'one person cats' but he's really been warming up to my boyfriend as well. :) And we don't have to worry about how many treats he gets, because there isn't a single bad/unhealthy thing in them! Our cats are on a homemade raw diet so what could be better for them than treats made of nothing but real meat. Thanks so much for making a simple, healthy product available to those of us who want to use treats, but don't want to have to worry about all the bad stuff associated with most other types of treats out there. All 7 of our cats love them.

I just wanted to comment on your great dog treats. I have a Bichon that is allergic to everything under the sun and finding a grain free treat has been near impossible until I stumbled upon your product. He's 12 and absolutely goes bonkers for the beef liver, ocean white fish and cheddar cheese treats you make. So much so that he is able to jump up in the air which I've never seen him do since adopting him a little over a year ago.

Thanks for producing a great and healthy product.

Thank you for making such a great product right here in the U.S.! Mr. Brody Cat is diabetic and I had a hard time finding a treat he could have that wouldn’t affect his glucose levels. I thought I had found a treat he could have but then my vet asked where it was made. It was made in China and she recommended not feeding any pet food or treats made in China due to their lack of regulations and quality control. I found PureBites at Pet Co and Brody LOVED them. He now gets PureBites as his only treat and he is one happy cat.

My name is David, and I'm a technician at Westbridge Veterinary Hospital in Mississauga. We have happily carried PureBites in our hospital for over a year after switching from a competitive product, and have had great results. The single ingredient PureBites have been an excellent product for our clients, and we highly recommend them due to being low calorie, hypoallergenic, and extremely affordable. The Whitefish treats have been extremely well tolerated by our patients with food allergies, and with puppies or adults with sensitive digestive systems.

I just thought I’d send out an email letting you know that your treats are amazing! I have two extremely picky cats, one who typically only eats soft moist treats, and the second who only eats hard treats. I’ve been trying to find a nice middle ground treat for ages. Lucky for me, I saw your product at our local natural pet food store! I bought a few packets and let my cats try them. They love them!! They’ve both managed to break into the treat bag when I forget to put it away, they love the treat that much! I’ve never had that experience with any other treats before. Your product really is awesome!

I'm VERY pleased with your PureBites cat treats! I was in search of a healthy treat for my kitty and I came across your PureBites and I purchased one bag thinking that Salem wouldn't like them, Boy was I wrong! I've never seen him go so crazy over a healthy treat like this!! I actually had to hide the bag after I caught him trying rip it open to get more treats. My favorite thing about this treat is that you've managed to stick with one basic ingredient and it's just plain genius. It's also a big plus that they are USDA inspected and a product of the USA. I just wanted to take the time out of my day to say thank you so very much for producing PureBites. I'm so pleased with your product that they will be the only treats I purchase for the rest of my kitties life and other kitties/doggies to come. I will also be recommending this treat to all my friends, family and co-workers. All I ask in return is for you to keep doing what your doing, stick to that simple recipe and please keep selling them at pet retailers. I look forward to buying PureBites for many years to come. Your new loyal customers, Salem and Gaby.

My Cats & Ferrets come flying when a bag of chicken Purebites come home!! Teaching tons of tricks using them!! LOL

When my cat sees the purebites bag, he sits back and waits patiently before starting to eat, loves his kibble topper! Nice way to add more pure animal protein to his food

I love, love, love your products. As a trainer and behaviour consultant, I only want to use the best and safest treats and I have come to rely on and recommend Pure Bites every time. And your freeze dried cheese is a LIFE SAVER in the hot summer months!

My cat absolutely love your treats! It's so nice to find something pure and healthy for my baby!

Bought our first bag of PureBites freeze dried turkey breast dog treats for our two shih tzus. They are OVER THE MOON crazy about these treats! Needless to say we will be buying more for our shih tzus as well treats for our two house cats. Thank you!

I just recently discovered PureBites and ALL my kitties love, love LOVE them...And I feel double-good giving them to them as they are 100% meat and made in the USA!!!! I need to get a few cases of these.

not sure what magical ingredients you put in treats...my picky eating yorkie go NUTS for it!

My cat Sugar just looooooooooooves your chicken treats. I've been feeding them to him for about 8 months now and he has not grown tired of them at all. He also likes the shrimp, or shrimpies as I call them. We play an exciting game of Flick the Shrimpies every now and then. It's just me flicking the treats off the counter into the livingroom for him to hunt down and eat. Keep up the good work!

Our Elkie is in love with Purebites Beef Liver. Keep up the great work!

Cortana LOVES the chicken breast cat treats soooo much. Thanks for making them

My cats LOVE your freeze dried treats and we LOVE that they are made in the USA!

I had a training client today using your product so I ran out and tried some for my kids. Four paws up!

The beef liver are the bomb but when I put these in my pocket and take him for a walk or just messing with Kaos best treats any where.

I am not one to write on behalf of my dog but for you I must. In over 14 years I have never seen my baby girl go crazy for a treat like she did for yours. She even got hold of the bag, opened it herself and did "self-serve". She loves them and I feel good giving her a pure and natural product.

I am a groomer in NB, Canada and I use your treats as they are the #1 accepted treat. Which is a big deal in a grooming shop!! (Plus my kids love them as well, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 ferrets...chicken is their fav!!)

My cat loves these and I want to see how my birds would like them. We also have Ferrets who love chicken bites.

Jusqu'a la dernière miette !! Foxy adore la saveur au canard !! [Photo]

"My cat really likes your chicken bites :-)" [Video]

"To start I am not one to write a manufacturer about their product. However, I felt compelled to write you an email (from my kitty - Eddie) Eddie absolutely adores the "freeze dried chicken" purebites. Eddie will let out a chirp until I give him some more treats. He would eat an entire bag if I let him. Eddie's other house mates enjoy the freeze dried chicken too! (They are not as demanding as Eddie about it though). I must thank you for providing a healthier snack for my kitties of the Freeze Dried Chicken!"

"Chaddy and my other 4 cats are crazy about your PureBites treats. They wont even eat other cat treats anymore! We buy at least 10 bags a week because of they're addiction! Thank You for making such a wonderful wholesome product! I feel safe giving it to my boys!" [Photo]

"I just wanted to say that these treats are amazing. One of my cats, Kura, goes absolutely bonkers over them. He hears me grab the bag and he immediately runs over and watches intently until I give him several "stinky shrimp" for him to inhale. It's hands down his favorite treat, and I'm glad it's so healthy since he is overweight.
Due to the success I had with them, I suggested these treats to a friend. She introduced the shrimp and the chicken to her two cats, and the treats were an immediate hit. I also bring bags down with me when I visit my father, who has three cats."

"There are two cats that have blessed my life, we have been together for 17 years now- travelled over 5000 miles between Alaska and Pennsylvania serving in the armed forces. My fur-daughters are named Ouzo and Cosmo. I have tried every cat treat imaginable in those 17 years, and none have been suitable to the likes of them...until now. My aunt had purchased them a bag of your chicken flavor Pure Bites for them and now we have a winner! It's one of those typical cat stories now... I cannot even get near the kitchen cupboard and these two geriatric cats just spring to life! Cosmo has recently started having seizures, due to her aging. One day, I was busy and didn't feed her upon her immediate "demand". She got so shook up, she started having a seizure on the kitchen floor. Now, upon the first meow, I grab the Pure Bites and settle her soul with a few till dinner can be served. We then have one content kitty and I worry less about her reaching her stress level. I know my time is limited with these kitties, so I will continue to keep them smiling as long as God allows us time together. Thank you for your product, there is a contact out of California that I can purchase your product through. We are all smiles in this household!"

"I must say, for having five finicky cats, your PureBites treats are a hit! Every one of our kitties LOVE the PureBites and they will even do tricks for them, NO JOKE! We have one kitty named Moo Moo who speaks for PureBite treats. Thank you for a wonderful, simple, healthy treat for our babies. It is the ONLY treat they do not get sick from or induces hairballs."

"All of the PureBites treats are very well received in my house, by both the puppy and Tigger (our cat).  Both will come running no matter where they are when they hear the 'shake, shake, shake' of the packages. Duck is by far their favourite, with beef and chicken a close second – the container of whitefish belongs to Tigger alone.  Thank you very much for such a great line of products. We're big fans!"

"I love my cat, and she is every bit as much a part of our family as my children. I feed her the most healthy cat food I could find. I never feed her treats because I never found one that meet my standards, until now. Thanks for making such healthy treats. I love the fact they are good for her and she just loves them. I have started using them as a training tool and reward for good behaviour. Keep up the good work."

"I was so happy I took a chance on your product. I am a bargain shopped... when I saw your bag of purebites in the clearence bin for $4.00 for a 6.2 oz package of the freeze dried dog treats I thought I would try it. My little Shorkie LOVES them and we have made strides in her training because of them. NOW that I have used them (thanks to the bargain) I see the benefit of paying full price and this will definitely be a staple in my dogs training."

"Just had to tell you that my cats love the shrimp and the chicken treats. In fact, just this morning, I gave them a few pieces of the chicken. A few minutes later, I heard a strange noise. I found one of my cats chewing a hole in the bag (that the treats came packaged in) so she could get more. I keep the bag on a small table that has an edging around it. I think her cat brother stood up and got the bag and took it to the back bedroom where the female cat tore quite a hole in it. I rescued the bag and put it in the cabinet so the will not try that again! LOL Again, my cats LOVE your treats."

"Your product has to be one of the best things I have ever given my animals. They love them. My cat has even tore open the bag to get inside one day while I wasn't home! I work at a diggy daycare and every one who comes in I tell them about your product. Thanks so much for creating one of the best treats ever made!"

"I have ferrets and they need to eat meat. Most of the treats marketed for ferrets are loaded with sugars and other stuff they shouldn't have, which contributes to diseases and unhealthy ferrets later on in life. I found your products and decided to give them a try with my 5 little ones, and they were a huge success! They love the chicken breast and the duck liver flavours. Two of them will munch the beef liver treats now and then, too. Now I can give them treats I don't have to feel guilty about offering them! I'm so glad I found these!"

"Ocicat Pia and PureBites freeze dried chicken breats cat treats. All treats belong to Pia. None for Jackson or Pica. Pia would overthrow a small country if her reward was PureBites chicken breat cat treats. Please check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKiKGXL_-70"

"Our 7 year old cat Cinnamon just loves Pure Bites beef liver treats. Thank you very much for an excellent product!"

"I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I have been using your chicken treats to help in his transition from high carb dry food to wet. I break them apart and sprinkle them on top of his wet food. Also I give him the treats during blood glucose test time. Without them I don't know what I would have done as my cat is an extremely picky eater. He LOVES LOVES LOVES them! Thank you again."

"My pugs and cats love everything you make. Even my cat loves the green beans."

"My girl absolutely loved your chicken treats and I was scrambling for some kind of treat once she was switched to duck only diet. You heard my wishes and she's once again, happily munching! This is perfect for my protein specific pet, thanks so much!"

"My cats are on a raw food diet. PureBites are one of the few treats I allow in our house. They are particularly fond of the chicken ones. Thanks for making such a healthful treat for pets."

"Just want to thank you on your purebites for cat product. My cat on special diet so knowing your product is pure chicken helps him and me knowing it is a real treat."

"We love your products. My Rag doll cat cannot get enough of your shrimp treats. They are her favourite and we go through a lot of them. She is a big girl and can eat a whole bag at a time."

"My cats are totally in love with the chicken, go just a bit vocal when I pick up a bag. Thank you for finally getting a treat that is not full of garbage."

"I recently found an unopened bag of PureBites Chiekcn Breast that I purchased earlier this year. I can't locate an "expiration" date but I do see 8 numbers stamped on the bag. I inquired as to what these were and was informed that the last four numbers indicate when the product was made. I was good to know that these treats were safe to give my dog Nelson. He loved the chicken and nearly inhaled the 3 pieces I gave him this morning. Thanks for the wonderful, healthy treat!"

"I bought pure bites for my cat and wow!, a treat he will eat. He is 13 1/2 years old and very picky about his food. The only treat he would eat before was homemade jerky, roast beef and sometimes a morsel of real turkey. So thanks for making our lives easier! Why didn't someone do this before? All the stuff they make to lure customers to buy their products and all it took is giving a real product without all the additives and extra cost as additives aren't free. There is the saying, keep it simple stupid also known as KISS. Thanks again. P.S. I rarely write to anyone about a product and for me to say anything that raves about a product is very rare let alone share it with a friend for their cat.P.S. I rarely write to anyone about a product and for me to say anything that raves about a product is very rare let alone share it with a friend for their cat. P.S. I rarely write to anyone about a product and for me to say anything that raves about a product is very rare let alone share it with a friend for their cat."

"We rescued a blind dog last month. Y 10 and 7 yr old daughters LOVE him. They did a video of all his needs. PureBites is featured. I thought you would like to hear the endorsement. Very cute! Link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BRf3nE0ZAw"

"I bought the freeze dried chicken breast dog treats for my very spoiled chihuahuas and shih tzus as a rule I will have one that will eat the treat and one that will nibble and the rest turn up their noses. This treat has all my dogs going insane and jumping and trying to get more everytime.  I see my 10 year old shih tzu turn into an puppy everytime I open the bag she dances around and jumps all over (which is a great change for her) Thank you for a great product even if it is a little on the costly size my dogs love it."

"Charlie's favourite treat is PureBites®! YouTube Video"

"I bought pure bites for my cat and wow!, a treat he will eat. He is 13 1/2 years old and very picky about his food. The only treat he would eat before was homemade jerky, roast beef and sometimes a morsel of real turkey. So thanks for making our lives easier! Why didn't someone do this before? All the stuff they make to lure customers to buy their products and all it took is giving a real product without all the additives and extra cost as additives aren't free. There is the saying, keep it simple stupid also known as KISS. Thanks again."

"We introduced Pure Bites to our training treat product line several months ago. They have become quite popular for our obedience and agility competitors and several are now using them for bait in the conformation ring. I personally train 2 westies for performance that have skin issues with most commercial dog treats. Your product saves me time in the kitchen cooking chicken breast!!! As an instructor, my pocket is always a hit with every dog in the class. I've never had a dog refuse your treat."

"Just bought a bag of the Freeze Dried Beef Liver Cat Treats for my diabetic Maine Coon. I'm so happy to find a treat that fits into her high protein, low carb diet!"

"Thank you for your wonderful product, particularly the dried whitefish treats. When my cats got deathly ill with a spinal infection, they lost all appetite. Even subcutaneous fluid injections and syringe feedings of wet food were doing little to help them recover. However, when I offered them their favorite treats, your whitefish was the only thing they showed interest in. I ground the treats up and mixed them with wet and dry food and they ate! They stuffed their faces! Its been a huge factor in their recovery, and I can't thank you enough for producing this treat. When no other food tempted them---not chicken gizzard, not sardines, not even fresh tuna---they tripped over themselves to get to their PureBites. You guys helped save my cats."

"When my dogs hear me opening the bag of liver treats, they come running. They absolutely love the liver treats and as an owner, I feel good about giving them a treat with no artificial ingredients or additives."

"My 19 month old Shihtzu/Bichon didn't care about ANY treats until I tried PureBites. Now I feel I can train her better because I have a reward she loves and it is good for her!"

"My dogs LOVE these cheddar cheese treats. A really good value when you buy the 20.4 oz bags on Amazon."

"I have a Coton De Tulear (very rare breed). He's got attitude and is incredibly spoiled. I recently bought him the cheddar cheese, because he LOVES cheese. This dog treat is a homerun. My very finicky boy LOVES this treat ALOT!!!!! I recommend it highly!"

"My cat had to have antibiotics for 7 days after having a tooth extraction and I used the Ocean Whitefish treats to mix into his food to cover up the taste/smell of the medicine in his food. My cat loves this stuff. Makes a great topping. He will eat anthing with the freeze dried fish mixed in!"

"These are excellent treats - healthy and tastey. The dogs love these ocean whitefish treats. Sometimes some of the treats become powder, however, I just put the powder on their food so nothing is wasted."

"I just purchased my first PureBites cat treats for Maggie, my cat. She LOVES, LOVES them."

"I write this with yet aother empty bag of chicken PureBites on my desk. If I don't have these treats in the house my cats are not happy. While they are not interested in any other flavor the sheer joy with which they come running when I crinkle the bag is heartwarning and convenient when looking for them. Thank you so much for an excellent, affordable treat and the pleasure it gives my much-loved cats."

"We have two very picky kitt's and the only treats they like are yours. They love the chicken. We have to buy atw least four packages at a time to keep them happy for a few days..."

"My finicky fussy siamese cat loves your treats. I found an empty package ravaged by the cat sometime in the night. Full of bite marks and punctures. He will toss about and carry the bag in his mouth and get very upset when it goes empty. He is allergic to grain and fish so this is a perfect treat for him. Keke and I thank you for a quality pet treat."

"I recently tried your treats at my pet food store and discovered that my cat is just crazy about them. He cannot climb high enough up my leg when he sses the bag in my hand. Unlike most treats on the market that are full of chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients, your products are a great alternative without the guilt of having fed something bad to my pet. Thanks for your super products."

"Being a dog trainer I have tried so many different dog treats to inspire by students that I have a suitcase full of opened and unused dog treats sitting around. One day to appease the "grain free" needs of some students, I picked up a PureBites chicken packet and had IMMEDIATE success and interest from the dogs! I became the Doggy Pied Piper and had a hard time getting the dogs attention off ME and back to the pet parents so they could practice the behaviours I just showed them using their own dogs. A happy problem for sure! When not training I am on the store floor greeting and helping customers and I approach everyone who has a dog with them and not ONE of those dogs has turned their noses up at the PureBites!!! The pet parents are always so astounded...."oh she won't take a treat. She's very fussy.....oh she only likes.......oh she never takes treats from anybody else....'WRONG'"

"Thank you for your wonderful products, particularly the dried whitefish treats. When my cats go deathly ill with a spinal infection, they lost all appetite. However, your whitefish was the only thing they showed interest in. I ground the treats up and mixed them with wet and dry food and they ate!!! They stuffed their faces!!! It has been a huge factor in their recovery. When no other food tempted them, they tripped over themselves to get to their PureBites. You guys helped save my cats."

"Hi I just wanted to tell you how much my adopted bengal cat "Snooki" love the PureBites chicken treats. She has learned how to open a heavy duty tupperware to get to the chicken. It has happened about 4 times already. I come home from work and I find all the chicken is gone, with an empty container laying on the floor. If I shake the container of chicken, she will come running out of her hiding spot for it."

"I would like to tell you that I am a huge advocate of your product - there is not a new puppy or kitten that walks into our clinic that does not receive a very stong recommendation for the use of your products. In addition, any time I am asked about treat options (especially for those on hypoallergenic diets) your product is who I direct our clients to first. My own dogs absolutely LOVES your whitefish pure bites, and is the only treat thus far that he has tolerated well without soft stools."

"We are Westbridge Veterinary Hospital happily and proudly advocate PureBites to our clients as a high quality, nutritious, and in some cases hypoallergenic treat option!"

"I just wanted to send along a word of appreciation for the quality of your dog treats. My dog Kirby really enjoys the freeze dried liver and the trail mix."

"My little chihauhua loves this chicken treat. I crumble some and sprinkle them over his regular can food and he eats his food a lot quicker because of these treats. He loves it and he loves the liver treats too. I highly recommend."

"I buy this product for my two cats. They sure go crazy for these chicken bites. These are great treats to reward any animal, they are healthy and don't have any invasive odors like a lot of other pet treats. If you are looking for a premium treat to give to your pets I suggest PureBites."

"First off, my dog with do ANYTHING for these chicken treats. The best part about the chicken in comparison to other flavors......it doesn't smell and breaks apart easily into smaller pieces! A bargain to buy the huge bag - lasts me months."

"My three dogs are very picky about their food and especially about their treats. They LOVE these PureBite treats. The large bag saves me money and being freeze dried helps them last a lot longer."

"I only purchase this specific beef liver treat for my dogs. It is healthy and the love it!!! They cannot get enough of this treat. They will do anything I ask as long as I have one of these to give them."

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. The packaging caught my eye because of the beagle, but once I saw the natural ingredients and healthy advantage to using your treats, I have been a customer ever since. I have 5 beagles and we are all volunteers with our Sheriff Department as search and rescue canines and handler. You understand how important it is to me to maintain their health. They run their trails, look for the lost and missing and get a food reward- your products. I know I am giving them the best. When we are not on a call out, they are my beloved companions. I am sending you a link to a recent search we did where a video team came along so you can see first hand how healthy and good looking my boys are! Thanks so much, Pam Medhurst, San Diego Sheriff Search and Rescue, Canine Unit YouTube Link"

"Congratulations... you have helped my cats overcome their reluctance to change!! I tried your chicken, beef liver, and ocean whitefish (the store didn't have your shrimp...I'll keep an eye out for that one) and the only one they didn't love was your ocean whitefish…but I can live with that. I only wished you sold them in larger sizes…I have 2 very large cats (18 and 25 lbs…and they really aren't obese!) and your 0.6 oz (avg.) is gone in 3 feedings!! How about a 2-3 oz size? Stats: Cats are 9 & 10 yrs old... both neutered males"

"I and my cat thank you for this product. Simba, my cat, just loves the Pure Bites White Fish. He would eat it 24/7. He makes me think of how much I love chocolate. LOL"

"Buddy, my cat, loves PureBites and since he is allergic to grains the treats are perfect for him.  When he wants Purebites (which is often) he puts his paw on the edge of his bowl and bangs the bowl against the ceramic tile until he gets his treats.  The clatter from the bowl banging on the tile carries throughout the entire house and he will keep it up, switching paws, until he gets his treats. Thank you for making a great product in the USA!!"

"I recently adopted two order Italian Greyhounds…both came to my home malnourished and with other health issues…..I am so glad I discovered your chicken treats at our local pet shop. Joey and Lucky both have very few teeth and the chicken has the perfect texture for them. Thank you."

"Hi there.  I know that purebites chicken treats are for dogs, but I want to give a testimonial about how great they work for cats!  I work at Santa Barbara County cat shelter and we all use these treats to clicker train cats.  I'm getting ready to deliver my first child and in preparing my cats to get accustom to a baby crying, I used Purebites chicken treats to train them not to freak out when they hear a baby cry.  Thanks for creating such a healthy product for both dogs and cats.  I think you should start marketing this product towards cats (maybe making the bite sizes a little smaller)."

"Hello, I just like to let you know that my 12 year old Cat "Yeti" loves Pure Bites Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Cat Treats! I can't get enough. When I buy Yeti's treats I'II buy the whole case so at lease I have it on hand."

"We introduced Pure Bites to our training treat product line several months ago. They have become quite popular for our obedience and agility competitors and several are now using them for bait in the conformation ring. I personally train 2 westies for performance that have skin issues with most commercial dog treats. Your product saves me time in the kitchen cooking chicken breast!!! As an instructor, my pocket is always a hit with every dog in the class. I've never had a dog refuse your treat."

"I have purchased many bags (57g) of your Pure Bites Liver treats. My dog LOVES them!! They're easy to toss into my pocket for easy carrying. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for a great product."

"I bought your PureBites in the chicken breast for dogs and let me tell you, my 3 year old CAT loves it !! I currently buy the treats at America' Pets in Hudson, NH and the price is half of those "cat" treats that sell for around $12.00 a jar. You should consider selling this for cats and also add freeze dried salmon as a flavor. I will pass along your name as it's a much better treat than those corn, wheat-filler products they sell for cats' in the stores. Keep up the great work and consider selling a cat line of treats too!!"

" I wanted to write and say thank you for your product, specifically Pure Bites Freeze Dried Chicken Dog Treats. I worked at Benson's Pet Center here in Albany, NY for a year and sold many bags of your treats to dog owners. These days many people are looking for treats made in the US that do not have additives. Your product, unlike nearly all on the market now, clearly offers just this. I have actually been buying the chicken for my cat. He is CRAZY about these treats and literally goes wild for them. I think you should market these for cats, too- you would certainly increase your customer base and I think a lot of cat owners would buy these because they are so reasonably priced. Sometimes seeing the dogs on the front of the package makes cat owners wary to buy them. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for a great product... and my cat thanks you, too."

"I recently bought your chicken breast dog treats, and I have to say that they are the best treats I have ever given my dog. He goes bananas for them. My 2 cats are also eating them (by accident at first, they got into the bag). I love your product and so do my pets."

"I wanted to express my satisfaction with the ingredients for the pet treats you sell. My 2 cats are allergic to foods with chicken and finding pet food--especially treats--without chicken has proved to be a very difficult task. I purchased the beef liver flavor and my cats love it!!! I plan to try the ocean whitefish next! Just wanted thank you for being one of the few companies that offers something without any chicken ingredients that my cats are able to eat!"